Monsgr. D. J. D’Souza

Founder Correspondent

Rt. Rev. Monsgr. William A. Lewis


Dr. P. Gururaj Bhat

Founder Principal

It was the far sighted vision of the 83 year old Very Rev. Monsignor Denis Jerome D’Souza which was instrumental in providing a college to the rural students of Kallianpur. “The boys and girls who work in the field should be able to come to the college straight from the field” this was the mission of Mnsj. D. J. D’Souza the founder of the college. This vision was realised in 1967 with the support of the parishioners of Milagres Church. Late Dr. P. G. Bhat, a great historian who was the founder Principal of this institution.

The college stands for the following ideals and values:

  1. Form the rural students into responsible and resourceful citizens.
  2. Foster leadership in service and social responsibilities.
  3. Develop social concern to the poor and the needy.
  4. Develop self-confidence in students and promote a sense of dignity and integrity.