B Sc course consists of Optional subjects Physics,Chemestry and mathematics. These are the foundation courses for the development in  electronics, technology,chemical industry, drug industry and IT. Hence the B Sc students have job opportunities in these fields and they are selected for job when they are in final year through the placement cell of the college. The B.Sc  students can continue their studies in higher education in Physics, Chemistry, Industrial chemistry, bio chemistry, Material Science, applied  chemistry, Computer Science and IT. They can also study MCA, MBA etc.  Most of the jobs in banking, insurance where recruitment is through entrance exam B.Sc students have an edge over other students.  B Sc students also get lot of scholarships like C V Raman scholarship etc.


MilagresCollege has a all the infrastructure essential for the B.Sc course. It has spacious Physics and Chemistry Laboratories with modern equipments. The instruments are updated every year with assistance from University Grants Commission and from the Management Fund.  The career orientation and other activities for B.Sc students are facilitated through the ‘Science Association’.  Apart from class room teaching, the students are exposed to industrial, natural and processing activities through the regular field and industrial visits.


The has secured various ranks from MangaloreUniversity over these years in B.Sc. The students pass out with distinction with cent percent of results in B.Sc ranking college and science faculty top among the Colleges in MangaloreUniversity offering B.Sc course.



University Ranks in B SC

Year                       Name                     Rank

2002                Renita Monis                  V

                        Ushakiran    Shetty        IX

2006                Sudhesh Shetty             VII

2010                Sheema shetty              VII

2011                Sujatha Markala            V  

                        Richel D Costa              IX


SUBJECT WISE RESULT   –  B.SC. (April 2014)
IV SEM ENG 26 26 100% 92.31%
KAN 16 16 100%
HIN 10 10 100%
CHEMISTRY 26 25 96%
PHYSICS 26 26 100%
GS 26 26 100%
Vi SEM CHEMISTRY- 7 34 34 100% 100%
CHEMISTRY- 8 34 34 100%
PHYSICS – 7 34 34 100%
PHYSICS- 8 34 34 100%
MATHEMATICS – 7 34 34 100%
MATHEMATICS – 8 34 34 100%

Text: Dr Gerald Pinto, Dean, Science Faculty.

Ins: MCR