College Anthem


1. ‘Stella Duce’ our motto high up we hold
Under her great mantle our hearts grow bold
Never shall we falter on the way
Neath her gracious, kindly sway.

Ch. Onward youth, you all, with faces bright
Hold aloft the torch of light
March on to paths of peace and true glory
Ever in mind your great destiny.

2. To God on high all praise and thanks be given
For the faqvours showered on us from heaven
Now let our anthem ring out loud and clear
Beckoning youth to spread its message far and near.

Composed by : Ms Sybil Lewis, Kallianpur and Rev. Fr Robert Levis


Click below to listen to the tune.

Tune played by Ms Jovita D’Costa and Mr Prajoth D’sa of Kallianpur